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Behind The Scenes at BFC

February 24, 2024

Every Friday is movie night at our house. The kids look forward to it and it’s a chance for us to just sit in one place, together, once a week with no interruptions. Of course, we pick a family-friendly movie that involves animation or some fantasy world. I don’t mind…it’s a chance to escape reality for just a bit. (For the record, I don’t watch scary movies because, well, life’s too short to be stressed out by a movie.)

As a child, we enjoyed being whisked away in the adventure without a second thought.

  • Annual review meetings
  • Periodic phone calls to touch base
  • Calls or meetings to discuss life changes or to plan for upcoming changes
  • Paperwork to update accounts as needed
  • …the barrage of new rules and regulations every year that take up more and more of our time
  • …us fighting for you when we disagree with regulations that don’t make practical sense for our clients
  • …that we also get bummed when we let you down
  • …that when you're happy, we're ecstatic
  • …us thinking and planning our next conversation and anticipating how to prepare for what comes next. We focus on tomorrow, so that you can focus on today.