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Financial Fitness and The Workplace

Financial Fitness and The Workplace

June 07, 2023

What keeps you up at night?

Unfortunately for many, the answer is often finance-related.

As we explore ways to strengthen our Financial Fitness during the month of June, we’ll look at
how financial stress and money worries can have a negative impact on a person's sleep and
mental and physical health, how this may affect job performance, and ways that employers can
help alleviate that stress.

A John Hancock study found that 49% of workers surveyed revealed that “worrying about
personal finances makes them feel less productive at work”.And according to; "financially stressed employees are more likely to leave"

While retaining talent is always important, it seems more critical in the current environment,
where it is increasingly difficult to recruit new talent. As an employer, offering a financial wellness program is one of the most powerful ways to improve employee engagement and reduce financial stress. Here are some suggestions on getting started:

  • Provide financial wellness resources such as lunch and learns, employer sponsored
    continuing education
  • Offer one-on-one coaching opportunities with a financial advisor
  • Periodically communicate and educate employees about your current Employee
    Assistance Programs
  • Personalize financial wellness benefits relevant to the stage of life/career of your

One of my goals is to educate people and give them the confidence they need to navigate their
finances. If you think your team could benefit from my instruction in a group setting or if you
would like to discuss how, as an employer, you can improve your financial wellness program for
your team, let’s talk.

We are always here to help you plan for tomorrow as it tends to quickly become today.

1 John Hancock Sixth Annual Financial Stress Survey, June 2019


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