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Happy National Fiduciary Day!

October 13, 2022

Happy National Fiduciary Day!! 

We are guessing that you didn’t even know that was a thing.  Well, you are not alone.  Gautam is often asked if he is a fiduciary or what that means.  So today is a great day to learn all about the AIF® designation and how it impacts our clients.

According to Fi360, “The purpose of the AIF® Designation is to assure that those responsible for managing or advising on investor assets have a fundamental understanding of the principles of fiduciary duty, the standards of conduct for acting as a fiduciary, and a process for carrying out fiduciary responsibility.”

Gautam first earned this designation in 2016.He decided to pursue the designation because anyone can say they're fiduciary or be a fiduciary by default based on the type of client relationship. Gautam felt it was important to take our commitment one step further and demonstrate a client-first process for investment selection and portfolio management. 

This commitment to industry accountability and excellence is critical to our work as an independent financial advisor with a client-first process, 

At Balanced Financial Concepts we focus on tomorrow so you can focus on today.