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Lead With Planning

October 03, 2022

As an independent financial advisor, Gautam leads a team of four client service and administrative associates at Balanced Financial Concepts.  His team is focused on providing customized financial guidance to help individuals and families navigate their finances in a logical and easy-to-understand way. 

Maybe you have heard him say “We now lead with planning.  Every relationship we have starts with a plan”. According to Gautam, making planning a central part of the process creates structures around everything the firm and the client does together.  Annual and periodic reviews concentrate on the written, defined plan which includes long-term planning, paying down debt and how soon they can retire. 

With the tool AdviceWorks® clients can see both the accounts BFC manages and outside accounts - all in one place.  After meeting with Gautam, goals are set, timelines established and a roadmap is created.  From there, all decisions are made based on the plan.

This process involves charging an upfront fee but also offers planning and advice on a subscription basis.  Tiered subscription services are available to clients who prefer to implement the plan on their own, or in cases where it doesn’t make sense to move the assets, such as younger clients with most of their assets in employer retirement accounts.

Gautam and his team have received professional recognition for this new model.  Read the article published by Cetera Wealth Management team  here

Throughout the month of October, the Balanced Financial Concepts blog will focus on financial planning for different life stages.  Follow along as we explore this topic concluding with a feature on AdviceWorks®. 

If you would like to learn more about fee-based planning, call the office to schedule a consultation.