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Time to Review Your Retirement Strategy

August 01, 2023

When did you last review your retirement strategy? Many issues can impact the effectiveness of your strategy and, without regular reviews, it may not be accomplishing your objectives.

Four Steps to a Better Strategy
Let’s review your strategy to make sure it’s still both cost effective and tax efficient. Here’s the process:

  1. Economic review—Examine how recent economic and regulatory changes may have impacted you.
  2. Strategy analysis—Determine if your existing retirement strategy still makes economic sense for you.
  3. Result review—If changes could be beneficial, review your alternatives to improve your contribution amount and tax savings, and help your organization better manage retirement benefit costs. 
  4. Install—If the benefits are compelling, you’re just a few forms away from installing a new strategy or making changes to your current program.

For help evaluating your retirement strategy alternatives, please reach out today.

For discussion purposes only and in no way represents legal or tax advice. For advice regarding your specific circumstances, the services of an appropriate legal or tax advisor should be sought.