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Wealth Management for Small Business Owners Part 2

May 02, 2023

Running your own business and being your own boss comes with a great sense of freedom—but it also comes with huge time commitments. It can be hard to find bandwidth for things like strategic business and personal financial planning. 

Like many business owners, you may work with multiple professional advisors, including mortgage bankers, insurance brokers, accountants, employee benefits specialists, and legal professionals. But without oversight from a single point of contact who synthesizes the advice you receive, decisions are often made on an ad-hoc basis. This increases risk, as you may have different professionals advising conflicting products, services, or strategies. 

Working with a financial advisor experienced in serving as a “financial quarterback” for business owners can help. As your single point of contact, your quarterback ensures that the advice you get from all professional advisors is aligned, and that strategies are fully integrated. This saves you valuable time while providing a holistic view of your finances. 

That’s critical for anticipating the right opportunities, identifying conflicting strategies, and developing sophisticated risk management solutions for retirement, investment, tax, insurance, estate planning, and business growth and succession planning. 

If you’d like to discuss your options with someone who specializes in being a financial quarterback for small business owners, give the office a call to schedule a no-cost business ownership consultation. 

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