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Why legacy planning is critical for family businesses

December 12, 2022

If your business forms the core of your legacy, estate planning is critical in protecting its future.

While many people view estate planning through the narrow lens of death and taxes, it’s really about the living. As part of a comprehensive financial strategy, an estate plan helps you manage your financial affairs now and control the distribution of wealth upon your death. Your estate plan helps to ensure your legacy is carried out according to your wishes. 

That becomes important—and somewhat complex—when your business is your legacy. An experienced financial professional can help you create a strategy that supports your goals for your business and family. 

An estate planning strategy will address:

  • Protecting income and lifestyle goals
  • Monetizing business value
  • Transitioning ownership within or outside of your family
  • Pursuing philanthropic goals and objectives

To learn more, contact the office to talk about strategies for protecting your business. Together we can ensure those you care about most reap the rewards of your hard work for generations to come.

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